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Thema: Trix 66838
Miguel Angel [Gast] - 15.04.05 17:53


I installed several months ago a 66838 Trix decoder in a krokodil from the same brand. I works fine until today. The loco suddenly stops any times. I took from the rails one moment and put again and it works.

I am working with an intellibox, so i change the decoder to SX, but with no result: it continue stopping...

I am trying to reset the decoder, but I don't find any information about it in the manual.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to reset this decoder? I want to sure I have a bad decoder to send it to shop and get I new one.

Thanks in advance.

P.D.: Sorry for writting in english: I am spanish, and the german language is difficult for me.

Hi Miguel,

apparently the 66838, which in fact is a DHL160, does not have a Reset.
May I ask following questions:

How old is your Crocodile loco?
Where did you install the decoder inside the housing?
Did you manage to connect the headlights to the decoder?

Can you please check following:
If the loco stops while running with headlights switched on, will it be still illuminated or will the the lights go off along with the motor?

If lights are on ...... I'd guess the decoder just switches off. Check for graphite dust from the brushes either on the decoder or on the commutator. Try to blow it out using compressed air.

If lights are off ........ maybe there is some general electrical problem, like dirt on the wheels or contact strips worn out.

Regards, Peter

hello Peter,

Thank you for your answer. The coco is 12926 from Minitrix. When the loco stops, the lights are off. I have removed dust from brushes and all is clean.

I was trying to change the decoder to DCC, but now it does not work. It already work in SX mode, but it continue sttoping.

I bought and install a new decoder in the loco with the same result. I will try to put the decoder in other loco to check if it works well.

Then, is there not any manner to reset the decoder? I suspect there is any CV bad configurated or so. How can I get the decoder turn to their original values (reset...)?

best wishes

Miguel Angel

Hello Miguel!

You have the dcc and sx protokoll on the track: It could happen, that you have the dcc-address 3 on the decoder and maybe the sx-address 2. So if you start with the address SX2 the loco starts - after some seconds or so, the IB will send an dcc-3 info-data with speed=0 and so the loco will stop. Please make sure, that the decoder-dcc-address is the same as the sx-address.

best regards and sorry for my bad englisch

Hello Ismael,

Thanks for your response. Really, I wish to work with the decoder in DCC mode, as all my other decos. The problem is now I don't get to program the decoder in DCC. I have another 4 decoders, and the adress is not the same in SX and DCC, because I use long addreses. These decoders works perfectly. I suspect this decoder is malfunctioning.

Thanks again.

Miguel Angel

P.D. Ismael, hablas o eres español? tu nick parece "hispano".

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